Executive Coaching for Business Professionals

Successful people constantly seeking to improve.

Leadership today requires continual reviews of all aspects of the “little things” that can go astray. Think about it — every successful athlete, regardless of the sport, will have coaches to provide guidance when things aren’t going right – or to suggest change to further the player’s ability to remain at the top of their profession.

Business and higher education leaders aren’t any different. Occasionally things go wrong, or they just need someone to take an objective look at their operation.

That’s our job! We take pride in our experience in both business and higher education. When we advertise “Experience + Creativity”, we are very serious. With over 40 years of proven success in both fields, it’s entirely possible we could have the boost your organization needs.

Management (all areas)

  1. Succession Planning
  2. Key-Employee Recruitment

Team Building

      1. Group Dynamics
      2. “Good Teams Win”


      1. Defining Your Goals
      2. Finding Your Clients
      3. Knowing Your Competition

Financial Planning

      1. Effective Financial Planning
      2. Cost Analysis

Communication Training

Effectively Using Technology

Long-Range Planning

Strategic Planning

Business Plan Preparation

Human Resource Operations

      1. Hiring Properly and Effectively
      2. Retention Programs
      3. Compensation

Multi-Location Operations

    1. Managing Globally
    2. Operational Effectiveness

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