What is a Leader?


A boss creates fear – a leader builds confidence, A boss fixes blame – a leader corrects mistakes, A boss knows all – a leader asks questions, A boss makes work drudgery – a leader makes it interesting. If you see yourself as a “boss” in any of the above, you have a problem! Being […]

Early Detection is the Cure

Check Up

 Have you ever met someone who is afraid to go for their annual physical examination? Sure you have — in the back of their mind is the fear the doctor may find something wrong! They tend to forget that early detection can mean a possible cure, while delaying or ignoring the examination completely, could result […]

Advice for a Tiger


Love him or hate him — Tiger Woods is back! For him it’s been a long 30 months since his last PGA win, and many thought it would not happen. Adversity can strike anyone, any time. While situations may vary, the way individuals react to adversity will usually mean the difference between success or failure. […]

University of Charleston official leaving to start own consulting firm


George Hohmann wrote a great article in the business section of the Daily Mail regarding the new consulting firm I we started this week. It’s online now at: UC official leaving to start own consulting firm Also here is a photo of the article from the paper (click to enlarge) Thanks to my friends Paul Helmick and […]

Another Year – Another Challenge!


Over the past several months, my schedule has become pretty hectic — but enjoyable!!  I’ve enjoyed a kind of “perfect storm” in reqard to speaking engagements.  Since the movie, “The King’s Speech” debuted, there have been numerous calls with opportunities for motivational talks.  The movie is a depiction of one portion of my life.  As […]

College Presidents – More than educators!


There was a time when being selected as a college or university president was a reward for years of academic service to an institution.  The recipient was viewed with respect and admiration by their colleagues – being selected “president” was the final step in an outstanding career in academia. How things have changed!  Today’s college […]

Life Changing Events – The King’s Speech


“The King’s Speech” – the highly acclaimed movie, is nominated for twelve Academy Awards, and rightly so.  It’s a movie that sheds light on a debilitating speech impediment affecting approximately 65 million people in the United States alone.  It is personal with me – and brings back memories of just how difficult – but not impossible – it is […]