Higher Education Experience

University of Charleston: Associate Dean, School of Business

The Provost of UC approached me about taking over their Executive MBA program and the undergraduate Division of Business.  They were thinking of dropping the EMBA program but wanted to give it one more try.  The undergraduate program also required improvement.  Since then the following has transpired:

  • EMBA program has grown over 400% in enrollment

    Three EMBA programs are functioning simultaneously, maximum of 20 students in each

  • Initiated one of the nation’s first Executive Master of Forensic Accounting programs.

  • Increased the undergraduate business division enrollment by 25%

Morris Harvey College (Univ. of Charleston): President

An Executive Search company contacted me about a small, private college having severe financial difficulties, enrollment declining, faculty retention issues and trustee problems.  The institution had been offered to the State free of charge – the State refused the offer.  After having two presidential candidates decline, I was approached.  The problems outlined were vastly understated.  However, within three years they were addressed and the college managed to remain viable.  Today the University of Charleston is recognized regionally and nationally for its educational programs.

National Merit Scholarship Corporation: Vice-President

As a result of my efforts at Michigan State and Northern Michigan Universities with National Merit Finalists, the Merit Corporation hired me as Director of College/University Programs nationally.  This was, initially, to oversee the influx of institutions beginning to sponsor Merit students.  Within two years we created a program geared to solidify the professionalism of recruiting Merit Finalists nationally.  Within a short time I was elected Vice-President to work directly with many of the Fortune 500 CEO’s in establishing employee-child scholarship programs.  Additionally, it was also to promote financial investments from the corporations for the total Merit Scholarship program.

Northern Michigan University: Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

NMU approached with a unique opportunity.  They were described as a “last chance/choice” institution.  Entering GPA for students was under 2.00 and faculty morale was extremely low due to the student quality.  Reporting directly to the President, his challenge was an increase in enrollment, increase in student quality and to establish a formal admissions and financial aid department.  Additionally, to improve the image of the institution in the eyes of high school guidance counselors in Michigan.  The following was accomplished:

  • Enrollment increased from 4,000 students to 8,000 in four years

  • Redesigned all admissions/financial aid forms, creating a more user friendly process

  • Developed a quality admissions staff – ultimately voted by State guidance counselors as the “best in Michigan”

  • Developed a quality financial aid department

  • Designed a scholarship program for National Merit Finalists.  Enrolled an average of twenty-five finalists the last two years

  • Developed a unique academic schedule to accommodate advanced students

  • Established a strong, more effective freshman orientation program

  • Created an effective orientation program for parents of entering students

Michigan State University: Associate Director, Admissions & Scholarships

Michigan State was seeking an academic image change and embarked on an intensive program to recruit National Merit Finalists.  This proved to be the first such venture by any collegiate institution in the U.S.  My specific responsibilities included:

  • Responsible for freshman admissions in one-fourth of the State

  • Visit personally with Merit Finalists and parents in 15 States, in group meetings

  • Serve as Executive Secretary for the Secondary School Principals Assoc. of Michigan

  • Assist in creating a viable Honors College program for Merit Finalists

  • Within two years, MSU had the largest number of Merit Finalists enrolled of any college of university in the nation (850)

Adrian College (MI): Assistant to the President

The day after graduation this position was assumed with the following duties:

1. Create the first Alumni Relations department in the history of the college

  • Started the first alumni fund drive
  • Created seven alumni clubs in three states
  • Designed and wrote a monthly alumni magazine

2. Responsible for Student Personnel

  • Handled all student employment, on-campus and off
  • Handled all student housing, on-campus and off
  • Responsible for student orientation
  • Responsible for parent orientation

3. Office of Admissions

  • Helped create the first “official” admissions office
  • Personally visited over 200 high schools
  • Hosted high school guidance counselor programs

4. Office of Public Relations

  • Assisted the Director in preparing all college publications
  • Handled all athletic publicity
  • Announced all home football and basketball games
  • Speaking engagements statewide for the college