Another Year – Another Challenge!

Over the past several months, my schedule has become pretty hectic — but enjoyable!!  I’ve enjoyed a kind of “perfect storm” in reqard to speaking engagements.  Since the movie, “The King’s Speech” debuted, there have been numerous calls with opportunities for motivational talks.  The movie is a depiction of one portion of my life.  As mentioned in my book, I had a serious speech impediment for the first 16-17 years of my life — a stutter so severe I could only get three words out at a time – and they would take several seconds.  My elementary and secondary school life was not the best, and when my parents were urging me to apply for college, I cringed — somewhat with fear, but more with dread of the continued embarassment I knew would be encountered.

The bottom line (jumping ahead fospeaur years) was a complete reversal – in speech, in confidence, and in looking ahead to thefuture.  Who would have believed a short, speech impaired boy would grow to become the CEO/President of our corporations, a University President, an accomplished speaker and author!  The odds say “no” — but no one can measure perseverance and determination.

Life is good — give me a call!  I would enjoy speaking to your organization, company, institution or group.

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