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Bob Bliss is one of those rare individuals possessing a strong background in both business and higher education - and succeeding in both. His unique perspective on management is not only enlightening, but offers insight into why some companies and institutions succeed while others fail. He takes the reader on a personal journey through a succession of management positions, detailing the highlights and deficiencies in each. He is not only a business man and educator, but a gifted public speaker, bringing his personality and expertise to wide ranging audiences. His topics cover business, education, and are designed to inspire and instruct management personnel at all levels.

Recent Posts and Articles by Bob


What is a Leader?

A boss creates fear - a leader builds confidence, A boss fixes blame - a leader corrects mistakes, A boss knows all - a leader asks questions, A … [Read More...]

Check Up

Early Detection is the Cure

 Have you ever met someone who is afraid to go for their annual physical examination? Sure you have --- in the back of their mind is the fear the … [Read More...]


Advice for a Tiger

Love him or hate him -- Tiger Woods is back! For him it's been a long 30 months since his last PGA win, and many thought it would not … [Read More...]


University of Charleston official leaving to start own consulting firm

George Hohmann wrote a great article in the business section of the Daily Mail regarding the new consulting firm I we started this week. It's online … [Read More...]


Another Year – Another Challenge!

Over the past several months, my schedule has become pretty hectic — but enjoyable!!  I've enjoyed a kind of "perfect storm" in reqard to speaking … [Read More...]

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